Shining Caya To Everyone in the Family

Here at Pokoks, we thoroughly curated our collections, especially with our customers in mind and The Caya Collection is nothing different. We believe that this collection encapsulates perfectly the feeling of a new dawn; that fresh grass you smell in the morning, or that cup of hot coffee you took a sip to start your new day. Of course, with new beginnings, we also believe that miracles are bound to happen, especially when you are in the company of your loved ones.

The Caya Collection brings you a few selections of clothing that are perfect for your family Sedondon theme. These beautifully picked pieces are great for those smile-filled memories you are about to create with your family on the long-awaited Raya day.

For us, this Echo print means that everything that you do well will come back to you. All positive and happy vibes on Raya day will only get amplified and echo back to you. You can mix and match with The Perfect Men Slim Fit Pants in Champagne or Steel Grey. If you’re looking to create a whole Sedondon theme for your family, these colour options are also available for mums, sons, daughters and also your little ones!



It has been number one priority to elevate your Raya experience whilst keeping comfortability and style in mind for your Raya attire. Our designers chose Viscose material for this particular Echo print, which is a semi-synthetic material that comes from wood pulp. This soft, lustrous and lightweight material drapes perfectly. This Viscose material is perfect for tropical weather yet adding the characteristic of the material without losing shape.

Food-Bump Friendly

We know that Raya goes hand in hand with those tasty traditional Raya dishes, which is why we made this whole collection Food-Bump Friendly! You can now eat without having second thoughts and not feeling paranoid wondering whether your clothes will fit you or not after enjoying your Raya experience.

An Eye for Details and Design

The designs in this collection are 100% Original designed by us and our designers have been getting out of their way to design and sprinkle beautiful details to this collections’ pieces. This includes the Curved-V Neckline design and overlapped illusion detail in the front for our Women Bulan Blouse and Caya Bulan Blouse for your daughter.

For Men and Boys, we carefully picked round neck with key hole design and organic-shape shell button to go with it for the Men Kurta and Boys Kurta.

For mums that are looking for Sedondon clothes for babies; worry not! We got you covered with this Babies Kurung in Echo and Babies Kurta in Echo!

Perfect for any Occasion

The Viscose material paired with our designs is perfect for your Raya celebrations, going to formal parties, going on your next travel adventure or even going to the office. We believe that our garments are the perfect piece for everyday use; so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them 24/7. This collection will only make you feel good and flattering whenever or wherever you decide to wear it.

Get it while it’s still available!

We advise you to grab this collection while you can! You can shop at our store in Setia Alam or just order straight from our website


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