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the material so good. I like it.


Revolutionary. Thank you Pokoks & Zaraks.

the best fabric.

The Tanah Women Selesa Blouse - Purple

Material of the product superb

Bagus services.. mmg terbaek

nice fabric and love it

I like this cloths because the fabric so soft and suitable to wear at any time.
Do you plan to added new collection for all your collections?

It’s very soft and good to small children for better sleep. Pale grey colour is also good to help children for sound sleep by calming feeling.

Nice design and fit well


The Kita Menang Kurta

kain best.cantik😍

1000 stars!

Thank you Pokoks and Huggies for giving my children this opportunity. I've been eyeing Pokoks for years and never would I have thought to own anything from Pokoks. MasyaAllah. Allah is Great. Amazing quality and design. Wallahi. Thank you very much.

Nice design and fit well

I really love it

The Champions Pleat Blouse - Burnt Caramel

The pattern is ok.

Skirt is ok since i can matchy with my daughter.

Good material

Quite big for my son because i took bigger size but overall it's a good pants. I lobe it

Like the design & looks very in style.

The Kita Menang Pesak Kurung Top - Rise

The ORI Men Instant Samping - Sahara

Best material ever

The Perfect Men Slim Fit Pants - Navy Blue

Beautiful shirt

I love the shirt so much. The colour more to brick red not really brown which is looks really good. The design n cutting very perfect, simple but looks smart on my son.

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